"We don't just support America's Law Enforcement, we fight for them."


Rochelle joined 67 other supporters in signing the petition: #FireFonda
Rochelle joined 31 other supporters in signing the petition: National Declaration of 10 Million Pro-Police Citizens


  • Law Enforcement Grassroots Support

    Law enforcement is the institution of government most fundamental in the effort to preserve the rule of law in a free society. Law enforcement officers are the government representatives most often encountered by citizens, and are commonly better known and more highly respected than any other government official or institution.

  • Stopping Illegal Immigration and Sanctuary Cities

    Like many, LEAN is offended by longstanding government failures to keep American citizens safe by failing to secure our borders and enforcing existing immigration laws. Those failures have a human toll – growing numbers of Americans and lawful residents raped, robbed, shot, and killed at the hands of illegal aliens who should have never been encouraged or allowed to reside unfettered in our country.

  • Respect for Second Amendment Rights

    We support strong and effective enforcement of gun crimes, particularly those involving felons who possess or use weapons while committing crimes. We also support vigorous enforcement of existing laws and we oppose legislation that would disarm law-abiding citizens, or limit their constitutional right to possess and carry a weapon. 

  • Encouraging Support for the Rule of Law

    A smart and fair America should continually shape a better tomorrow. Responsible, equitable criminal justice systems seek to keep innocents safe while working to identify, punish, reform, and rehabilitate offenders.  Such systems judiciously incarcerate violent and dangerous offenders within a transparent, balanced framework and provide appropriate opportunities for redemption and reentry to society.

  • Pursuit of Criminal Justice Reform

    A responsible, equitable criminal justice system should seek to keep innocent people safe while working to reform and rehabilitate offenders. That system judiciously and fairly incarcerates violent and dangerous offenders within a transparent framework that is balanced and provides appropriate opportunities for redemption and reentry to society. 



Citizenship Matters

By Ken Blackwell, LE Action Board Member


It’s not about being against foreigners. All nations put their people first. If there’s hard work to do in the world, they turn to the U.S.A.

The Left hates President Donald Trump for many reasons. One of the most important is because he really believes in America first. He doesn’t just say it. He bases his policies on that principle.

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While Parkland Students March, They Live In A Generation Of Lower Overall Gun Violence

By Ken Cuccinelli, LE Action Board Member


As the tragedy at Parkland, Florida, inspires discussion (and some screeching) about how to keep our children safe, the politically correct answer heard over and above all others is “gun control.” The widely held assumption is that America is suffering a major increase of gun violence.

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LE Action Letter to Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY)

A letter from LE Action President Ron Hosko to Sen. Charles E. Schumer regarding President Trump's nomination of William Graham Otis to the U.S. Sentencing Commission:

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Wall Of Shame

Sign The Petition

National Declaration of 10 Million Pro-Police Citizens

INSTRUCTIONS: Please sign this declaration below. We hope to have 10 MILLION signers of this declaration so we can send a loud and clear message to the politicians and news media to STOP this war on America's brave police--also to show that the overwhelming majority of African Americans and Latinos strongly support our police . . . and OPPOSE the anti-police rhetoric of the anti-police radical Left.


Dear American Police Officers,

I want you to know how thankful I am for the difficult and dangerous job you do to keep our neighborhoods safe from violent gangs and career criminals.

You must be the first to reach the scene of a crime or accident, and your diagnosis of the situation must be instantly correct--or you might be prosecuted, sued, and your life ruined.

You must use exactly the right amount of force when confronting a criminal. If you use too little force, you might end up dead. If you use too much force, you might end up in prison.

You must be a diplomat to keep the peace, yet very tough when necessary. You must make split-second decisions that would take a lawyer many months to make. And your decisions must be correct 100 percent of the time or you risk prosecution and ruin.

You must be a guidance counselor for our youth, social worker, an enforcer, and a mind reader. And you must do all this on a cop's salary.

I am outraged when I hear politicians, ambitious prosecutors, the media, and the race baiters brand you as racist, when the truth is you risk your life everyday to keep us safe.

I am disgusted when I hear radical Left and Black Lives Matter activists call for the assassination of police officers, actually chanting:



Imagine what our neighborhoods would look like without our brave police officers. We would be prisoners in our own homes. Our neighborhoods would be like war zones.

I was also appalled that President Barack Obama welcomed Black Lives Matter leaders to the White House and repeatedly branded police departments as racist.

Today, I am glad he is gone and that we have a pro-police, pro-law United States president in Donald Trump in his place.

The president knows, as I do, that we need more brave police patrolling our neighborhoods, not less. We need to empower our police to stop criminal, not empower criminals to terrorize our communities. Again, you have my heartfelt thanks for the difficult and dangerous job you do everyday to keep us safe.



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"For too many law officers, the injection of resources and training will only come after a crisis...."

Ron Hosko ~ LEAN President

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