Learn about the Law Enforcement Action Network

Learn about the Law Enforcement Action Network


The Law Enforcement Action Network supports America’s law enforcement officers who, as protectors of civil society and the rule of law, are an integral part of our free and democratic society.  We support policies that protect and preserve citizens’ personal safety and security while ensuring the rights of those accused of crimes.


What We Do

The Law Enforcement Action Network is an IRS approved 501(c)(4) non-profit organization.  It is a sister group to the Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund.  We share several concerns, including supporting the men and women of law enforcement, the part they play in protecting the Constitution and the rule of law in American society, and what they do every day to protect the personal safety, security, and the Constitutional rights of the American people. 

LEAN builds nationwide grass-roots support for law enforcement with the help of thousands of people who advance our work by signing petitions and responding to our surveys and other materials and with their generous donations to our organization. We join with other organizations having similar interests to help inform members of Congress, state legislatures and other public officials, and the media about the public's attitudes concerning law enforcement. We collect and educate about informed views regarding legislation impacting law enforcement, the criminal justice system and the courts, and the crucial role law enforcement plays in maintaining the rule of law, securing our communities, and enhancing the integrity of our nation. 



Too often, the men and women of law enforcement become victims of the very justice system they are sworn to defend. Through a combination of legislative and grassroots advocacy, our mission is to promote policies that protect our law enforcement officers’ personal and professional safety, and to fight against policies that favor criminals at the expense of the police and the public.Our sister organization, the Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund, has, for more than two decades, provided direct assistance to officers unfairly targeted by politically-motivated or misguided criminal charges and lawsuits. In 2013, we launched LEAN – the Law Enforcement Action Network – to demand action on the issues that are keeping our men and women in uniform from doing their job of protecting American citizens.