Law Enforcement Grassroots Support

Law Enforcement Grassroots Support

Law enforcement is the institution of government most fundamental in the effort to preserve the rule of law in a free society. Law enforcement officers are the government representatives most often encountered by citizens, and are commonly better known and more highly respected than any other government official or institution.

Their actions preserve the safety, the peace, and the civility of the American people. 

LEAN therefore believes the men and women of law enforcement should be appropriately selected and paid, well trained and equipped, and motivated by experienced and principled leaders who recognize and respect the difficult role their officers are often thrust into.

Law enforcement activities should have maximum transparency and accountability, particularly those involving the use of force.

Building and maintaining trust between law enforcement and the community served should be a priority and should include informing the community of the perils of policing and the risk of failing to invest properly in professional, educated, motivated police officers. 

We support state and federal legislation that would enhance penalties for violent attacks on police officers. Included should be “Blue Lives Matter” legislation (Thin Blue Line Act [H.R. 115]) that would provide penalties for planned violence against police and legislation that allows law enforcement to maintain inventories of important tools, including surplus military equipment that helps keep communities and officers safe. 

We oppose the divisive rhetoric of people like Al Sharpton and other opportunists who ignore the truth while thriving on events that separate communities from law enforcement.

We reject the hateful rhetoric of the Black Lives Matter movement as a racist, anti-cop organization.  Too often, marchers behind Black Lives Matter banners have called for violence against the police; too often, the movement has been mute or absent as horrific violence within the community claims innocent lives.

We reject executive clemency and any form of sentencing reduction for those who kill law enforcement officers.  Cop killers should have two options: life imprisonment with no possibility of release or the death penalty.