Pursuit of Criminal Justice Reform

Pursuit of Criminal Justice Reform

A responsible, equitable criminal justice system should seek to keep innocent people safe while working to reform and rehabilitate offenders. That system judiciously and fairly incarcerates violent and dangerous offenders within a transparent framework that is balanced and provides appropriate opportunities for redemption and reentry to society. 

LEAN supports responsible, transparent reform, alternatives to incarceration, and restorative efforts that are supported by validated data but opposes those that would simply provide for early release of fairly convicted felons whose histories are predictive of a serious threat to others.

We believe far too many Americans face mental health crises without effective care options, who are often presented with a single choice when such a crisis hits home – arrest and incarceration. 

LEAN supports long-overdue, meaningful action and investment by Congress and state legislatures that would expand mental health care and reform measures that increase responsiveness and treatment options, and building capacity for both outpatient and inpatient care in a way that diverts people in mental health crisis away from police and local imprisonment options. 

Similarly, America must find ways that compassionately manages a growing number of fellow citizens who need drug abuse and addiction treatment. LEAN supports evaluation of evidence-based options, including successful drug court models, which divert illegal drug users toward treatment options rather than incarceration.