Stopping Illegal Immigration and Sanctuary Cities

Stopping Illegal Immigration and Sanctuary Cities

Like many, LEAN is offended by longstanding government failures to keep American citizens safe by failing to secure our borders and enforcing existing immigration laws. Those failures have a human toll – growing numbers of Americans and lawful residents raped, robbed, shot, and killed at the hands of illegal aliens who should have never been encouraged or allowed to reside unfettered in our country.

The United States should never become a sanctuary for those who oppose or reject our values or hold a desire to overturn our way of life. 

Clearly defined and effectively controlled borders, together with a clear process for those seeking to enter the U.S. and share American values are fundamental to our national sovereignty, as is excluding those who are here illegally, especially those who commit crimes on our soil.

LEAN rejects the legitimacy of “Sanctuary Cities” that resist and ignore federal requests and actions to make America safer through the removal of criminal illegal aliens. 

We support efforts of President Trump and the Department of Homeland Security to locate, arrest, and deport those criminal illegal aliens who have demonstrated a willingness to commit serious violent crimes in a country in which they are unlawfully present. 

We support legislation such as “Kate's Law” and the “Davis-Oliver Act” that would require incarceration of previously excluded illegal aliens and require local jurisdictions to fully comply with federal immigration law or face the suspension of federal funding.