Success Makes You A Target In the Washington, D.C. Swamp

Success Makes You A Target In the Washington, D.C. Swamp

By Stephen Thayer, LE Action Spokesperson


By any measure, Attorney General Sessions has been successful in rolling back some of the misguided Department of Justice policies of the Obama/Holder administration. Because of that progressives, liberals and democrats are doggedly pursuing unsupported suggestions of a Sessions role in alleged Trump campaign collusion with Russia.  

Here are a few reasons why the AG has a liberal bullseye on his back:

Holder’s drug policies gave discretion to the Federal prosecutors to charge drug offenders with less than their most readily provable crime. This allowed serious and violent drug offenders to avoid being held accountable for their actions and took away the powerful prosecutors’ tool of charge bargaining in exchange for providing information. The policy change also sent a signal that drug offenses were not a DOJ priority. Sessions reversed that policy by mandating federal prosecutors charge the most serious readily provable offense. This common sense approach to addressing our nationwide drug and opioid overdose crisis is disfavored by the liberal elite soft-on-crime folks.

In the waning years of the Obama administration, liberal media and politicians supported allowing illegal criminal aliens to remain in this country and pushed to protect them by instituting sanctuary city policies that would ignore federal immigration detainer requests. AG Sessions put those jurisdictions on notice that they are jeopardizing their receipt of DOJ grant monies unless they can demonstrate their cooperation with these detainers. He’s pointed out the victims of heinous crimes by those who were released by sanctuary jurisdictions rather than being handed off to ICE for deportation. Doing so undermined the myopic liberal goal of a borderless country without regard to the danger.

And AG Sessions has turned DOJ around on fundamental support to of law enforcement. During the Obama/Holder administration, law enforcement officers felt that critical support slipping away. During that time, law enforcement officers involved in questioned incidents found themselves quickly painted as biased or racist. Holder was self-congratulatory in initiating dozens of civil rights “pattern or practice” investigations predicated on salacious suggestions that entire police departments were infused with bias. Big headlines but by the time DOJ was through, the impact was far less clear. Worse, what Holder’s DOJ consistently ignored while they were pointing their finger of bias, was the reality of disproportionate criminality – that approximately 13 percent of the U.S. population (African Americans) was responsible for an estimated 50 percent of murders and 55 percent of robberies, the very crimes that would generate disproportionate police contacts with blacks.

Instead of allegations by the AG, Jeff Sessions has made clear that the DOJ has law enforcement’s back. That clarion message is being embraced by the men and women who carry the badge, even as wrong-headed liberals go on the attack.  

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