The Left Won't Acknowledge The Problem; Can't Solve It

The Left Won't Acknowledge The Problem; Can't Solve It

By Stephen Thayer, LE Action Spokesperson

It all unraveled for Representative Sheila Jackson Lee during a House Judiciary hearing a few weeks ago. She showed a national television audience that she is “an example of an empty barrel that makes the most noise,” a phrase made popular recently by President Trump’s Chief of Staff, General John Kelly.

The House Judiciary Committee held a Department of Justice (DOJ) oversight hearing and had as its chief witness Attorney General Sessions. The congresswoman, half way through her questioning of the Attorney General on other topics, had staffers seated behind her stand up with a poster of the cover of an FBI Counterterrorism Division intelligence assessment entitled “Black Identity Extremists Likely Motivated to Target Law Enforcement Officers”.

Representative Jackson Lee didn’t address the contents of the report or sympathize with law enforcement officers who are or will be targets of assault or murder. Nor did she offer solutions. Instead, in an attempt to show blacks as targets of the FBI and victims of the report, she asked why the FBI hadn’t done a similar report on white supremacists.

Unfortunately, the very partisan Representative failed to do her homework. The FBI had produced a report on May 10, 2017 entitled “White Supremacist Extremism Poses Persistent Threat of Lethal Violence.” So much for the FBI singling out blacks.

She didn’t address the content of the report on black Identity Extremists because, to some it is unacceptable to speak of or even acknowledge that blacks can be aggressors and not victims. 

The Congresswoman, after the Attorney General said he hadn’t studied the Black Identity Extremist report, asked him to do so because the report is an attack on individuals who are simply trying to get (present) grievances. Really?

The FBI report clearly stated, “This intelligence assessment focuses on individuals with BIE (Black Identity Extremists) ideological motivations who have committed targeted, premeditated attacks against law enforcement officers since 2014.” The report lists a number of examples including the ambushing of 11 Dallas, Texas police officers, and killing five white officers, while they were protecting a Black Lives Matter protest. Micah Johnson, the shooter, told police he was upset about the recent police shootings and expressed a desire to kill white people. The report also mentioned the attack on four white New York City police officers and the 2016 ambush and shooting of six law enforcement officers in Baton Rouge, Lousiana.

These individuals were murderers, not peaceful demonstrators expressing their grievances lawfully. If Representative Jackson Lee had the interests of law enforcement in mind, she would look at every challenge to their well-being and seek solutions in a responsible, unbiased manner. But she can’t, because that undermines a point of view that can only see blacks as victims, not offenders.

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