U.S. Representative Green Qualifies For Impeachment

U.S. Representative Green Qualifies For Impeachment

By Stephen Thayer, LE Action Spokesperson


U. S. Representative Al Green (D-TX) filed impeachment charges against President Trump and his political stunt was soundly defeated by the House of Representatives.

Article II, Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution provides for the removal of the President, Vice President and all civil officers of the United States on impeachment for, and conviction of, treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors.

Representative Green’s ridiculous claims didn’t allege “obstruction of justice” or reference the ongoing investigation into the 2016 presidential campaign’s connection with Russia.

Instead, Green highlighted Trump’s supposed association with “White Nationalism, Neo-Nazism, and Hate,” as well as “Inciting Hatred and Hostility,” as alleged offenses worthy of impeachment. He made these statements even though Trump’s condemnation of those groups has been widely reported.

Now, if Congressman Green’s flawed and politicized standard for removal were to be applied to his own conduct then he is, as a civil officer of the United States, himself subject to removal from office.

The FBI Counterterrorism Division issued a report this August which warned that Black Identity Extremists (BIE) were killing police and they could be expected to continue to do so. The FBI assessed it is very likely Black Identity Extremist (BIE) perceptions of police brutality against African Americans spurred an increase in premeditated, retaliatory lethal violence against law enforcement following the events in Ferguson, MO in 2014.

We all remember the tragic events in Ferguson, Missouri when African American law-breaker Michael Brown was shot by white police officer Darren Wilson while Brown was assaulting Wilson and trying to get the officer’s gun. We also remember the narrative that Michael Brown was shot by Officer Wilson after Brown had turned toward the officer with his hands up and saying “don’t shoot.” This narrative was found by the Obama Justice Department to be unsupported by any credible evidence.

Yet, the very same Representative Green, on December 1, 2014, took to the floor of the U. S. House of Representatives to put his hands up and repeat, “Hands up don’t shoot.” Repeating the lie when he knew it to be false only worked to incite hatred and hostility to law enforcement officers across the country. It is just that sort of blind hatred, one ignorant to the truth, which incites and motivates Black Identity Extremists and other anti-cop hate groups.


(Screen Capture: C-SPAN)

All radical groups that encourage and participate in violence should be condemned, whether they are on the left or right of the political spectrum. Yet, Al Green miserably fails to condemn these left-leaning radical groups and has nothing to say about solving the problem of Black Identity Extremists. Instead, he willingly or unwittingly encourages the recruitment of individuals who, as the FBI report states, will continue to kill law enforcement officers.

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